I’ve always been amazed at creation. I remember as a child, loving to walk early in the morning literally singing with joy at all I saw. That joy drove me to capture what I was moved by in art. I am fortunate in that I always knew I wanted to be an artist. Always had crayons and a little note book to record my observations. However, I was not a child prodigy. I was also not the best artist early on. But I certainly had the passion. I practiced all the time throughout my youth. In high school I was excited to get in a couple art classes, but was greatly disappointed. My teacher used the adage “Create what you feel.” Seriously? No instruction on how to hold a brush, or mix colors or techniques for using different media. So disappointing! But I had a professional metal sculptor take me under his wing. He taught me to weld, and gave me a part of his studio to learn on my own. He supplied educational art books, art supplies, a place for me to create, and most importantly – encouragement. At 15, I began selling my art through professional art shows.

Through the years I am blessed to have my paintings and sculptures in collections throughout the US and in a few other countries. Even have one painting in the Pentagon. I have owned 6 art schools in various locations, several studio/galleries, taught college courses for 5 years, and had an educational television program for 5 years called “Anyone Can Paint!” And I truly believe that!

But don’t be too impressed with that. I still consider myself a learner. There are so many things I have yet to discover and improve in. I have also found many artists have tender self esteems, as it’s easy to be criticized. There are many activities we can be involved in, and mistakes are easily forgotten. But in art, whatever is on paper can be seen. The mistakes are very evident. If you have one eye an inch higher than the other on a portrait, prepare for a critical comment! But I have found, that every mistake in art is an opportunity to improve. And I have made thousands of mistakes, so I must be pretty good!

20 years ago I had a spinal cord injury, and became physically limited and in a great deal of pain. In this new lifestyle, I had a whole new level of learning. No choice but to slow down, be patient, and find what God had for me.

I believe this part of my journey was when my art began to express itself in a deeper way. More complex, more purposeful, and in turn, it brought healing to my heart. But it also brought joy and silly sculptures and the great satisfaction of watching my students learn and even excel in their art! Life is good!

I would be honored to help you in your journey to find a passion for art, a passion for creation in all it’s glory, and an expression filled with excitement for color and excellence in technique and above all to simply have wonderful time collecting art that fills your soul or even learning how to create art yourself! Have a painting you’d like me to create for you? Drop me a note and we’ll create it together! Why not not join me in this amazing journey!

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