Cerulean Wave – Original Oil 20″ x 30″

by | May 25, 2022 | Inspiration

I have always been drawn to water. Whether lakes or streams, great rivers or my favorite – the oceans, if the opportunity presents itself, I am there. I was swimming at a very early age and remember my first career choice was to be a mermaid. I had not quite figured out how to use crayons under water, because life without crayons was not an option. Let alone had I figured out how to breathe under water. But my imagination surmised I could figure it out.

I have been blessed to live near the ocean for many years now. I can’t breathe under water on my own yet, but still love the sound and smell and sight of the ocean! I hope you can see that passion in my paintings.

 I was watching the waves on a fairly calm day at our beach – Pismo Beach, and noticed something I hadn’t caught before. The waves were coming ashore from totally different directions. One coming from the right towards the beach, and the next from a hard left location. And they crossed over each other. The molecules of water were simply enjoying the day when out of the blue, they were tossed about not knowing what happened. This was not a huge affair as I mentioned, it was a calm day. Water molecules can be so easily upset!

 No matter what kind of a day I am having, watching the waves always has an immediate effect on me. I come into the presence of God, seeing the mighty crashing waves one upon the next, and am reminded of God’s almighty power that nothing can contain, nothing can overcome. Nothing can challenge. Knowing He is in control gives me hope and encouragement that with God on my side, who can stand against me?

On the days when gentle waves are present, I am reminded of His continuous grace and love and mercy that never runs out. No matter what I need, or how often I come to Him in tears or praise or simply needing to know He sees me, His gentle loving-kindness comforts, restores and surrounds me.

 So why is this painting called Cerulean Wave. Well, I already talked about the wave. But cerulean blue is my very favorite color of blue. It’s the color of a tropical ocean. And every once in a while, my California ocean reflects this color and I am thrilled that God made it for me to enjoy. It a gift between He and I, His daughter. Because He loves me.


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