Flamingo Surprise – Original Oil Painting 24″ x 24″

by | May 13, 2022 | Inspiration

I went to the zoo with some of my family and one of my favorite exhibits were the magnificent flamingos. Elegant birds of great distinction and opulent color, with beautiful graceful lines. 

After  living in the frozen, yet beautiful tundra of Wisconsin, I had a deep appreciation of Florida. I went college there, met my first husband there, and had my first born son there. And that is where I heard first about a personal relationship with God and gave Him my life. Florida is filled with more than special memories!

It was also in Florida where my love affair with flamingos began. And I’m not talking about the thousands of plastic pink ones in the front yards throughout America. I’m talking about the real ones! 

 I loved walking along the beaches that dipped in and out of warm water aqua coves, finding hidden treasures of banana trees, tide pools, star fish and even an occasional sea turtle. What I hoped to find were a few Flamingos! 

God must have had a good laugh when he created them! They always make me smile. I made two large, hand-sculpted, concrete (and tiled), flamingos, but sold them. And I missed them. However, I am fortunate that God choose to give me an artistic, creative gift. 

Then, whenever My mind starts thinking about times gone by or lost opportunities, I can pick up a brush and some paint. Before long, the memories, (real or imagined), materialize into a painting. In this case, it was the  quiet cove with clear aqua water and the wonderful surprise of finding flamingos!


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