I firmly believe that anyone can learn to draw and paint. It takes desire and practice, but the techniques are no more difficult than learning how to use a computer, or take great photos. All classes are taught in a relaxed and fun step-by-step method, and are available for beginners through professionals. Each student progresses at their own speed and ability. And what a great time we have, with yet another fascinating technique just around the corner! I believe you will find creating art is a source of not only enjoyment and relaxation, but it has the ability of giving you a great sense of accomplishment.

Classes: Located in Arroyo Grande or Nipomo, CA

Drawing – Begin the journey well!

I encourage all my students to at least take this first drawing class, a 4 lesson drawing program. Everyone learns a little differently, and I believe anyone can learn to draw, so I present four very different methods of drawing to meet each unique method of learning. At least one method will get you excited as you will learn how to draw almost everything! Classes in – person or online. 4 class drawing lesson.
$100.00  – Call for class openings.


Intermediate Drawing

Students will continue at their own pace to learn skills as desired such as portraitures, pen and ink, perspective, etc. Continued learning throughout the year. Sign up for 4 lessons at a time, 1 class per week, 2 hours per class.



Our drawing class is encouraged before painting, but not required. There are many easy paintings to learn fun techniques such as washes, dry brushing, blooms, color mixing, and special effects. Beginners are encouraged to take this class, or artists who desire to pick up where they left off. Sign up for 4 lessons at a time, 1 class per week, 2 hours per class.



The medium where any mistake can be fixed! This is a great medium to start with, and fall in love with painting! Learn brush strokes, color mixing, blending, layering, creating atmosphere and hundreds of specific subjects like clouds, water, trees, perspective, etc. Sign up for 4 lessons at a time, 1 class per week, 2 hours per class.



Prerequisite-Must have taken drawing, color mixing, and either watercolor or acrylic painting class. Please ask for further information.


General Information

Classes are offered year around and are priced as follows:
*Standard size class of 3-6 members in class are $25 each per 2 hour class. Minimum 4 classes.
*Semi-private are 2-3 per class, and are $30 per 2 hour class.
*Private classes are $40 per hour, and can include drawing, watercolor, pen and ink, acrylics, oils, sculpture or portfolio work.

In-Person Class Signup

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